Hi there and welcome, it is such an honour to have you here!

Lets jump right into it:

My name is Lauren van der Merwe, a 28 year old and mother of a beautiful little ginger haired boy that absolutely melts my heart and made me fall in love with Photography and to encapsulate precious moments, those moments that are so easily forgotten if just stored in our memory.

I am based in the Western Cape (Northern Suburbs) in Cape Town, South Africa and I truly believe that it is one of the most beautiful locations ever.

My passion in life:

To show each and everyone that they are beautiful, graceful and completely and utterly their own person.  I aspire to create images that say: ‘This is me, and I love me!’  To show you the true beauty of you, regardless of size or age.

My favourite genres of Photography:

Portrait / Couples / Engagement

I truly love sunflare and tend to only shoot late afternoon, with the exception of indoor ‘beauty’ sessions.

So if you’d like to plan a session or have questions, please feel free to contact me at any time, because together we can achieve something amazing <3